Download a PDF version here: How to delete a study

Below is a step by step guide on how to delete a study from Cimar. 

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This document provides an outline on how to delete a study in Cimar. It will explain the what happens when you delete a shared study versus a master copy of a study.

How to delete a study

With the correct permission deleting a study is quite simple.

  1. Select the study
  2. Click the ‘Actions’ dropdown
  3. Select Delete
  4. Confirm any confirmation popups
  5. Wait for a confirmation popup (This may take a few minutes if the study is a large study over 1 GB)


Master study copies

If a master study is deleted all shared versions of the study will also be deleted however, if a shared study is deleted only that copy of the study will be deleted. In most workflows you can determine if the study is a master copy by looking at it’s ‘Study Storage Details’ found in the study’s audit trail. If the ‘STORAGE_NS’ matches the ‘PHI_NS’ it is extremely likely this is the master copy of the study. If they don’t match and the audit trail doesn’t report any movement of worklists it is likely the study is a shared copy.

Master study example - Matching STORAGE_NS & PHI_NS

Shared study example - Different STORAGE_NS & PHI_NS


Role Permissions

Users will require to have the following permissions active to be able to delete a study. 

  • Studies: View and search studies list
  • Studies: Delete study
  • Audit Reports: View audit reports (Optional)


Download a PDF version here: How to delete a study