Below is an interactive step by step guide explaining how to create, manage and delete worklists within an account.

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Managing Worklists

Locations and groups define segments of an organization. They also facilitate fine-grained permission setting. Roles can be set for users at the group or location level that differ from their organisational role, increasing or decreasing a user’s “power”. Locations and groups also support workflows. Locations might be main hospitals, affiliate hospitals, or private practices. Groups might be departments, resident physicians, or technicians.


How to create a new Worklist

  1. Go to the Administration Tab
  2. Go to either the ‘Groups’ or ‘Locations’ tab 
  3. Select ‘+ New Location’
  4. Fill in the details of the new worklist
  5. Set a default role
  6. Press Save
  7. If anonymisation or default fields need to be set press edit on the newly created worklist


New Worklist Popup Explained

See below for reference to new worklist popup

Create worklist example

1. Name

The name of the worklist that will appear across the platform

2. Share Code

A unique code that facilitates uploading and sharing studies. The share code can consist of letters and/or numbers. Do not use special characters or spaces.

3. Share Description

This is the tag that will appear on the upload page. Eg: “Upload studies to [share description]”

4. Anonymize Fields (only available after worklist creation)

Set anoymisation rules to automatically replace sensitive PHI for studies that are added to this worklist. Select the study field to anonymize and enter a regular expression to control how the field will be anonymized. The regular expression will follow the format of “s/<pattern>/<replace>/<options>”. See admin guide for more…

  • Useful examples
    1. Remove Everything
      • s/^.*$//g
    2. Anonymise with counter
      • s/^.*$/Example-__COUNTER-0001__/g
      • Will come out as Example-0001 and continue incrementally with each study

5. Default Field Values (only available after worklist creation)

Here you can set default values for custom fields. Select which a custom field and then enter in a default value to be set for new studies entering the worklist.

6. Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Approval Process
    • By checking these settings a study will need to be approved by user with the correct permissions before becoming visible in the worklist
  2. Share with users in location
    • The system will look at what users are assigned to the worklist to determine if the study can be shared with them
    • Potential use case is adding approved external users to the worklist generating a form of whitelisting
  3. Notifications
    • By checking these settings a user added to the worklist will automatically have their notifications configured as per the setting

7. Study Share Charges

Allows you to charge customers for uploading to this worklist. This can filtered to particular modalities if require. (Requires configuration at the account level – talk to Cimar representative for further information) 

8. Default Role

Define a default role to be used for new users added to the worklist. It is highly recommended to set this to a role with the least amount of permissions to ensure secure workflows.


Adding/Removing Users from a Worklist

Users can be added & removed from a worklist in a few ways.


1. Edit user in User tab (Most common way)

A user’s role for a worklist can be changed by finding the user in the ‘Users’ tab and then editing the user. Once in the edit screen you can add/remove the user from the worklist and also select which role they have when in that worklist.


2. User automatically added to worklist

Users who have the option ‘Make this user a member of all locations and groups in the organisation’ on will automatically be added to any new worklist made in the account. They will be assigned the role they have set at the account level. Follow option 1 for how to assign a different role for the user


3. Add directly to worklist 

In the location / group tabs each worklist will have a ‘users’ option. Clicking this option will show a list of all the users currently in the worklist. Here you can also add or remove users from the worklist.

Role Permissions

  • Gateways: Create, edit gateways (allows admin tab to appear)
  • Groups: add, edit, delete
  • Groups: view
  • Locations: add, edit, delete
  • Locations: view
  • Roles: view
  • Organization: Edit Organization Information (Optional – Stops errors appearing)
  • Users (account): View (Optional - add/removing users from worklists)
  • Users (account): Edit, remove, add to groups or locations (Optional - add/removing users from worklists)

Download a PDF version here: How to create a new worklist