Download a PDF version here: How to share a study

Below is an interactive step by step guide explaining how to share a study in Cimar. 

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Cimar facilitates many possibilities to share studies whether internally in an account or to an external recipient. This document outlines the processes required to share a study in Cimar.

How to share a study

When a study is shared it is shared to a particular worklist and user’s of this worklist will adhere to their role’s permissions within that worklist. When sharing to an external recipient that does not have an account with Cimar they will be required to register before gaining access to the imaging.

  1. Select the study you wish to share
  2. Click the ‘Actions’ dropdown
  3. Select ‘Share’
  4. Select how you want to share the study
    • See ‘Study Share’ section for more information
  5. Press ‘share’


Share Study Explained

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1. Organisations

Share the study to other organisations with Cimar accounts

Administrators see page 29 of ‘Admin Guide’ for information on how to configure inter-account sharing or contact your Cimar representative

2. Locations

Share to other location worklists within the account

3. Groups

Share to other group worklists within the account

4. Physicians

Share with other users within the account

This will share to the user’s personal worklist

5. Share Code

Share to a worklist’s unique share code. Provides a way to share to any worklist across the Cimar ecosystem.

6. Email

Share directly to an email address. If the email address is not associated with an active Cimar account, the recipient will be prompted to create an account before having access to the study.

This will share into the recipient’s personal worklist. 

How to create a guest link

A guest link provides a simple way to provide viewing access to a recipient. It is best used when temporary viewing of a study is required.  

  1. Find the study you want to create a guest link for
  2. Click the study link icon
  3. Click ‘New Guest Link’
  4. Fill out the parameters of the link
  5. Press ‘create’

Guest Links Explained


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1. New Guest Link Button

Button that toggles the new guest link parameters

2. Max Uses

Set a limit to the amount of times a link can be used

3. Expires

Set a time limit before the link expires

4. Password

Set a password that the recipient must enter before gaining access to the viewer

5. Max Password Attempts

Set a max amount of password of attempts to access the link.

If the max is reached the link will automatically expire regardless of the amount of uses left. 

6. Email Address

The email address of recipient.

7. Email Message

A message that will supplied in the email sent to the recipient.

8. View Notification

If this option is checked a notification email will be sent to the user that created the guest link when the link is accessed. The email will provide information about who asked the image.

9. Include Priors

If this option is checked and if there are priors for the study in the same worklist, the recipient will be able to view prior imaging of the study they are currently viewing.

10. Password is date of birth

If this option is checked the password to the link will be the date of birth found in the studies metatags. The password will follow the format YYYYMMDD.

A password supplied in the password field will overwrite this setting.

11. List of created guest links

All guest links created for this study will be listed here. It will display the link, the options set with the link and with the correct role permissions an option to manually delete the link.

12. Guest link – link

The URL of the guest link. If required, this link can be manually shared to any recipient.

Role Permissions

The following permissions are required to be active for user to share a study in Cimar. Please also note they need to have access to the worklist containing the study they wish to share.


  • Studies: View and search studies list
  • Studies: Share study
    • Studies: Share study via email (Optional)
    • Studies: Share study via share code (Optional)
    • Studies: Share study with groups (Optional)
    • Studies: Share study with locations (Optional)
    • Studies: Share study with organizations (Optional)
    • Studies: Share study with users (Optional)
  • Study links: user can create guest links
  • Study links: user can create and edit guest study upload links (Optional)
  • Study links: user can view guest links

Download a PDF version here: How to share a study