It is useful to reference the gateway logs when configuring integration with your system. They can easily be found in the following file path: 'C:\Program Files\Cimar\gateway\Logs' (Note: this may be different depending on where the gateway was initially installed)


        1. If possible, paste in the file path above into the search bar of File Explorer. Then skip the remaining steps.

        2. Open your C Drive

        3. Go to 'Program Files'

        4. Open the 'Cimar' folder

        5. Open the 'gateway' folder

        6. Open the 'Logs' folder

This folder contains many of the logs useful to seeing what the gateway is doing. The most recent logs are contained in the 'log' text file. This file will be saved and renamed with the date automatically at 11:59pm everyday. It may also rename and save itself multiple times throughout the day if the file reaches a certain size. 


If you are trying to diagnose any problems with a workflow or communication issues between systems and the Gateway it may prove useful to put the gateway into 'DEBUG' mode. Once in DEBUG mode the gateway logs will become much more verbose and provide futher information about the actions it's taking. 

To change the gateway into DEBUG mode go to the gateway's settings and change the setting 'logging_levels' to 'DEBUG' and press save. Any logs made after saving will include debug information.