As with many IT problems something may go wrong and what is most often the fix is to turn the device on & off. Cimar's Gateway is an incredibly resilient and robust Windows service but you may be required to restart the services. This is very easy to do and you have a few options in order to do so. 

1. Turn the Host Machine On & Off

The simplest solution is to turn the host machine on and off. As the gateway runs as a Window's service it will automaitcally start when the host machine turns on. 

2. Restart the Services via Task Manager

A faster way to restart the gateway and not require turning the entire host machine on and off is to restart the Gateway's services. 

  • Simply open the task manager
  • Go to the services tab and sort the services alphabetically by name. 
  • Stop the following services starting with 'DGWatchdog':
    • DGWatchdog
    • DGActiveMQ
    • DGGateway
  • Then start 'DGWatchdog' again. This serviceshold automatically start the other two by itself.

3. Restart the Services via Services App

If you don't have privledges to stop and start services through the task manager you may be able to use the services application to restart the gateway services. 

  • Open the start menu and search for 'Services' then open the application
  • Once in the application find the following services and stop them starting with 'Cimar Watchdog'
    • Cimar Watchdog
    • Ambra Gateway
    • DICOM grid ActiveMQ
  • Once all services have stopped start 'Cimar Watchdog'. This service should automatically start the other two.