If there is a problem in your workflow, and you need to see how the Gateway is functioning without gaining access to the Gateway’s host machine you can pull the Gateway’s logs through the UI


Use the following steps to pull the Gateway Logs

  1. Go to Administration → Gateways

  2. Click the ‘Retrieve Logs’ button for the Gateway you want the logs from

  3. Enter the start & end times you want to pull the logs for

  4. Click Retrieve

  5. Go to Studies → the namespace the Gateway is tied to → search for logs

  6. A study will automatically be created with the

     logs attached as a report to the study

  7. Click the reports button

  8. Click & Download the attached report

  9. Open the downloaded text file in the text editor of your choice

    1. If the text file becomes longer than 25 MB the gateway will automatically split them into multiple text files

Required Role Permissions

  • Gateways: Create, edit gateways

  • Gateways: view